Sweet ‘N’ Your Holidays with Handcrafted Belgian Chocolates
NOCLS and Cotton’s Chocolates Fundraiser
Together we want to put a little sweetness into your 2021 Christmas! Here is a chance to purchase
handcrafted Belgian chocolates made right here in Vernon. Order any of our Christmas chocolate packages
for friends, family, clients or that special someone. Once you’ve placed and paid for your order through
NOCLS, Cottons chocolates will prepare it, and have the order ready for pick up on your chosen date. All
proceeds go to helping people with disabilities in our community. DEADLINE TO ORDER Dec 17, 21

The Season is Upon Us
And here is your chance to spread a little Joy!!
Joy to your
* employees,
* clients,
* patrons,
* family,
* Or a little something to tuck in your own desk drawer
And help raise money for a great organization in the mean time
NOCLS and Cottons Chocolates have come together again to provide you
with a SWEET and convenient package deal, that not only allows you to
shop locally, by choosing hand crafted Belgian chocolates made right here in
Vernon, but conveniently as well, as we have elves that deliver to you at the
right time!
Please find attached order forms and price lists, and if you have any
questions, queries or comments, please feel free to contact me.
Celenka K at NOCLS, fundraising@nocls.com, 250 545 5153