March 17, 2020

North Okanagan Community Life Society

Attention All Families

We at NOCLS are concerned for you and your family’s safety due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19.   Because of this we would like to send out some simple reminders and suggestions:

1. Ensure you are extra diligent in cleaning all surfaces; particularly metal surfaces as the virus has a longer lifespan on these types of material;

2. Limit contact between employees during shift change and other activities;

3. Discontinue or limit any public visits to the home unless necessary for health and safety;

4. If leaving the home, ensure you disinfect thoroughly when returning;

5. If you are a friend or family member who works with the public or in another public facility, we would recommend you avoid or limit your contact with the household;

Currently the government has sent employees in nonessential services home for two weeks, so there is a serious consideration of further restrictions; based on this information, we would suggest you have a discussion and create a contingency plan if we go into any further restrictions of movement.  Consider things like what your staffing model might look like under these restrictions and how will supplies be obtained.

We are all hoping for a quick resolution to this situation and continue to support you and your family throughout this unprecedented situation.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

If we can be of assistance during this time, please call or email us as our office hours will be limited.

NOCLS Staff and Management

4102 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon BC   V1T 4M2 Telephone: 250-545-5153   Email:

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