Gary Whitley – Autumn Gold

Capturing time and moment best describes a Gary Whitley painting. A lifetime of observation is evident in Gary’s ability to paint with great detail while giving the illusion of simplicity. From his prairie farmland roots, to riding with his wife on horseback throughout western Canada, to his varied adventures in the Canadian northwest, NWT, Yukon and Alaska, Gary has retained images of nature which allow him to produce amazing visual depth. His interest in history is evident in many of his paintings of buildings and landmarks which may be gone but are not forgotten thanks to his artistic rendering. Gary has lived in the Okanagan for 20 years which has allowed him to paint local Okanagan heritage.

Rick Bond – Similkameen Mosaic

Rick Bond is an established western Canadian artist. He currently lives and paints full time near Vernon, B.C., Canada.

He was born in Victoria, B.C. and grew up in the Gulf Islands off the west coast near Vancouver.

Rick started his painting career in 1980. He took his training through the Emily Carr Outreach program, Okanagan University College, Pearson College Summer School, Victoria , Federation of Canadian Artists and other professional artists’ workshops.

Rick originally worked with oil, then watercolour and now works primarily with acrylic on canvas.

His genres, urban and rural landscapes and musicians, are created with a loose vibrant style and are considered to have a contemporary impressionistic style.

Patricia Neil Lawton – Dory Story

Patricia was born and raised in Powell River B.C. She was an orphan from age 3 weeks and was raised by her paternal grandparents who had no interest or understanding of her desire to draw and paint through her growing years. Patricia was fascinated by people, boats, and the ocean, where she spent many hours playing alone and carving small boats from driftwood; and sketching shells and whatever else the sea washed up. She left Powell River at age 17 and married a commercial fisherman, who she accompanied on trips north along the B.C, coast and up to the Queen Charlotte Islands. This whetted her appetite to draw and paint the totems she found in the small fishing villages and also imbued her with a love for our beautiful coastline.

Doug Alcock – Herons

Image size: 42′ tall
Type: Iron Sculpture
Value: $2, 500.00
Donated by Doug Alcock

Metal sculpture has been central to my expression for the past three decades. Working with a rich supply of found pieces, relics of a bygone era, pre-charged with energy from their mysterious past.

Finding hand forged utilitarian elements, works of art in their own right, inspired me to explore more about the ancient craft of blacksmithing.

Nancy Lucas – Tuscan Roses

Tuscan Roses
Acrylic on Canvas 36" x15"

Nancy was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She moved to the Okanagan in 1974. She brought with her a love for this wonderful large and open space. This energy and drama from her early experiences is reflected in her painting genres today.

Rob Glenesk – Signals

Image size: 36×36
Type: Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
Value $8, 000.000
Donated by: Rob Glenesk

“There are many beautiful and powerful ancient teachings that if understood and used collectively would move this planet and everything on it in a very positive direction.”

Rob Glenesk is a self taught artist who has explored several mediums of expression. Following the receipt of his Education degree, he became a recreation director on a Fist Nations Community in Northern Alberta, His creative desire and interest in ancient and indigenous cultures has led him to discover an aerial perspective that is valued by art collectors for its uniqueness and message content. He has won three major awards in national art competitions.

Heidi Thompson – Yellow Flame

Yellow Flame 2008
Image size: 60 x 50
Type: Acrylic on Canvas
Value: $3,000.00
Donated by: Heidi Thompson

Hedi Thompson believes that paintings can communicate inner experiences impossible to convey or describe in words. She uses a non-objective style – which means she avoids the use of representational, “realistic” images. In this way, she hopes that the painting, with its colour, space, patterns and light will trigger feelings of energy rather than ideas and thoughts. The painting “Yellow Flame” is one of a series of paintings shown recently at the prestigious Varley Art Galley in Markam Ontario. The Varley chose “Yellow Flame” to represent their exhibition entitled “Aligning with Beauty” in winter issue of the Canadian Art Magazine. Heidi regularly shows her work in New York and Toronto

Barry Rafuse – Thunder Dance

Barry Rafuse is largely a self taught artist, although he has studied at Emily Carr College of Art and Design. He has also attended numerous workshops with well known artists. He has acted as a juror for exhibitions, and was one of four local artists invited to paint large paintings for University of Northern B.C. Refuse passes on his talent by teaching others.

Charlene Woodbury – Bloom


Image size: 18×24
Type: Acrylic on Canvas
Value $700.00
Donated by Charlene Woodbury

“My love of personal expression through art has been a strong lifetime commitment. Winning an art scholarship in high school sent me off in the right direction.”

Charlene is one of the founding members of the North Okanagan Chapter of the B.C.A and was Chairperson of workshops. She taught painting classes in Armstrong and Vernon.

Michelle Loughery – Borrowing Freedom

Borrowing Freedom
Image size: 30 x 30
Type: Acrylic & Oil Glaze on Canvas
Donated by: Michelle Loughery

“I was born and grew up in a small mining town in British Columbia called Michel-Natel. It was a close knit multi-cultural community filled with innovative and hard working people who lived life to the fullest despite the dreariness that often accompanies working in the coal mines. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by a family of musicians and artists who inspired my creativity – from a grandfather who masterfully played the fiddle to a mother who painted any surface available. As a young woman I was introduced to the fine art of muraling when the town commissioned an artist to paint murals in an attempt to revitalize itself. It was at that moment when my life’s passion was ignited. “

Elizabeth Moore – The Day is Gone

“When I paint I become completely engrossed in the process of applying paint and creating texture. Although I begin with a clear idea of the subject I wish to portray, I allow the interpretation onto canvas to evolve as the painting experience captures me. It becomes something of a serendipitous journey. The mystery of the painting process is hidden in the layers of paint and texture and something is created that can never be duplicated.”

Angelika Jaeger – Village Life

Village Life
Image size: 12 x 12
Type Mixed Media on Canvas
Value: $400.00
Donated by: Jackie Eyre

Angelika Jaeger, known as aj, grew up in Duesseldorf, Germany and lived outside Frankfurt, with her husband and their two sons, before the family made their home in Canada in 1989.

Sveva Caetani – The City

The City
Image size: 36 x 18
Type: Giclee Print#2 out of 3
Value: $950.00
Donated by: Heidi Thompson

Sveva Caetani is one Vernon’s most respected artists. She was born in Italy in 1917 and immigrated to Vernon in 1921. After she turned 18, her father died , and she lived with her mother in their house on Pleasant Valley Road in Vernon. During the hard times in the 30’s and 40’s, Sveva took care of her frail mother. She had little time to focus on her own career, but after her mother died, Sveva became a teacher and painted in her spare time. When she was in her mid fifties, she began a series of 56 large exquisite water colour paintings entitled Recapitulation – The Journey. This work took her 13 years to complete. She donated the whole series to the Alberta foundation for the Arts. Sveva bequeathed her house and garden to the City of Vernon, who have since given it to the Vernon Art Gallery to be used as a cultural center. Heidi Thompson was one of her close fiends and photographer for 10 years. Shortly before she died in 1994, Thompson began publishing Recapitulation into a beautiful art edition.