The Wines of The Evening

Silent Auction
Name of Wines Value Basket No.
Jackson Triggs Black Reserve

Cab Savu and chard
Bruschetta, smoked baby clams, and
Manzanilla olives, forks, knives and
2 wine glasses
Handcrafted Platter by NOCLS
$155 Basket 1
Marlborough New Zealand wine,

Rouring Twenties Mendoz Malbec,

Argentina. Tapenade black olive,

Antipasto, gherkins, pita bites, fork

And knives and 2 wine glasses
Handcrafted platter by NOCLS
$160 Basket 2
Jacksen Triggs Reserve
Shiraz 2010 and Viognier 2011
Smoked scallaps, 6 knives and forks,
Italian breadsticks, searpones
Artichoke hearts.
Handcrafted platter by NOCLS
$180 Basket 3
Kraze Legs – 2009 Merlot

2011 Pinot Blanc, Liver pate,
Smoked oysters, mussels,
Vienna sausages, crème crackers,
2 wine glasses
Handmade Platter by NOCLS
$170 Basket 4
Hillis Estates merlot 2008 and
Geurerztaminer 2011, smoked
Oysters, vianna sausages, cream
Crackers, 2 wine glasses
Handmade Platter by NOCLS
$255 Basket 5
Summerhill Cab 2009, Groffigna

Pinot Gnigio 2010, dark chocolate
European, white almond chocolate

4 wine glasses, 12” hurricane lamp
Glass and rock on wood baser
$225 Basket 6
Baileys Biscotti, 2 pttery candles,

2 large rock glasses, 2 cappacino
Coffee mugs, hot chocolate, coffee
Vienna mocha
Hand made serving tray
$145 Basket 7
Markers Mark Bourban

4 Markers Glasses, shaker set
Bar mat, Vansport l golf shirt
Large serving tray
$145 Basket 8
Spap Dragon 2010, California Cab

Saur and Chardonnay, 2 glasses,
H’ordurves set 6 knife, 6 fork,
Pitta crackers, bruschetta, artichoke
Hearts, smoked scallops
Extra large serving tray

Mirage by Desert Hills
$195 Basket 9
Desert Hills Mirage

2 wine goblet, silver wine drip,
Godiva truffles
One of a kind decorative bowl
$180 Basket 10
Graffegna malbec reserve 2010

Sacred Hill Sauv Blanc
Castello Camernbert cheese,
Wood cheese tray, cutter, server,
Italian Bread sticks, gherkins,
Coronation queen olives
Extra large platter
$195 Basket 11
Kraze Legs Merlot – Cab Franc

European chocolate
Chocolate fondue$195

Handmade tray by NOCLS
$95 Basket 12
Gray Monk Champagne 2010
Odyssey white brute

Silver wine bucket

2 champagne glasses, champagne

Cork, crème cracker, camernbert

Rosenborg cheese, wooden spoon

Extra large serving tray
$195 Basket 13
Gray Monk Odyssey Rose personally

Signed by Roger Wong.

Roger Wong.
Small serving dish
$195 Basket 14
Luxardo amaretto (26 oz)

Bailey’s (26 oz)

Vienna Mocha coffee

Hot chocolate, 2 cappacino

Mugs, 2 rock glasses, small serving

Dish and wooden basket
$110 Basket 15
Nedeburg Cab Sauv/Africa

Villa Maria Sauv Blanc/New Zealand
Vienna sausage, smoked oysters,
Smoked mussels, roasted pepper
Antipasto, barber crackers,
2 wine glasses and 10 wooden Forks,
Large and small handmade platter
$150 Basket 16
French Pinnacle Vodka

Blueberry martini mix in a lady’s boot
2 blue martini glasses, garnish pics
2 red goblets, 2 white goblets,
Vienna sausage, smoked clams,
Antipasto, artchokes
Large home made colbalt blue Serving dish.
$145 Basket 17
Cassini 2010 Quattro

2 red wine goblets
Lindts dark chocolate, chocolate
Fonoue pot
Large brown home made serving tray
$135 Basket 18
Oak Bay Gewurztraminer 2010 and pinot

Noir, 3 tier ornamental metal planter, 2
Red goblets and 2 white wine glasses,
Vienna sausage, smoked clams, antipasto
Artichoke hearts.
$175 Basket 19
Sileni Pinot Gris 2010

Aema Organic Malbec Rose 2010
Rosenborg brie, rosenbourg
Camenliert, smoked clams, smoked
Oyster, pita crackers, wooden cheese
Cutting board
Large home made serving tray.
$175 Basket 20
Exnihilo white, bartier brothers white

Poasted pepper anti pasta, garden anti
Pasta, pesto, rosenborg brie, crème
Crackers, wooden spoons
Home made serving dish
$175 Basket 21
Exnihilo red, misconduct merlot, cab

And cab franc 2009
Wire garden potting chair, 2 wine
Glasses, smoked scallop, smoked
Mussels, smokey red pepper spread
Crème crackers, Vienna sausage
H’ordeuve forks
$175 Basket 22
Raftman whiskey malt beer 750 ml

Maudite strong beer 750 ml
Smokey pepper spread, smoked
Oyster, Vienna sausage, smoked
Mussels, crème crackers, h’ordeauves Forks
Large serving bowl home made.
$65 Basket 23
French Pinnacle Vodka

High heeled apple martini mix
4 martini glasses, antipasto, olives
Smoked mussels, smoked oysters
Extra large home made serving tray.
$195 Basket 24
Misconduct suspect select chenin

Blanc/viongnier, Moon Curser 2010
Afraid of the dark red
2 wine glasses, wooden chees slicer
Tray, Vienna sausage, crème crackers
Rosenborg camernbert, red pepper
Antipasto, h’ordeauves fork
Large serving tray

$135 Basket 25