2023 Limited Edition Prize Passports for the Golden Burger Challenge

New to our Golden Burger Challenge for 2023 is the introduction of the Prize Passports!

These passports are available for a $25 donation to NOCLS and will be your ticket to our prize draws. All you have to do is get your passport stamped at each of our Golden Burger Challenge restaurants while you’re taste testing the delicious Golden Burgers. Easy peasy!

Don’t have time to get to all 10 restaurants? Ten burgers can be a lot. That’s ok, we understand! A partial passport will still get you entry into our Main Prize Draws. Full and completed passports will give you an extra entry into the Grand Prize Draw.

Here’s the steps:
1.) Go to our Golden Burger restaurants
2.) Order, eat, and rate their Golden Burger on our voting site
3.) Get your passport stamped by your server at the restaurant
4.) Drop off your passports to NOCLS when you’re done
5.) That’s it!

The fully-stamped passport Grand Prizes:
1.) Napoleon TravelQ BBQ – from City Furniture
2.) Molson Canadian bar fridge – from Molson Canada

The partially-stamped passport Main Prizes:
1.) Briquette BBQ prize pack – from Home Depot
2.) Smeg juicer – from Vernon Square Liquor Store

While passports are not necessary to be able to participate in the Golden Burger Challenge, it is a fun and cool way to support your community further. We appreciate all efforts to get involved!

The funds raised through the burger challenge will allow us to financially support individuals and their families to provide support and services that will greatly enrich their lives and get them closer to their vision. We do this by providing resources, training, services, homes and other items that the system does not have the capacity to supply. This could be something as simple as a tablet or communication device, a therapeutic bed for people with mobility issues and even lifts where they’re not deemed necessary by traditional funders. More recently we have purchased land to develop as an inclusive community.